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K.Narkhede Computer Technology Institute

K.Narkhede College of Science

To create computer awareness and help self employment we have started the following courses. Some of which are approved by Technical Dept. of Maharashtra Govt. Mr. B.A.Patil.looks after administration of set up of computer, electronic and Vocational courses. He has experience of about 14 years in this field. Mrs. Sarika Bharambe. M.Sc. Computer Science. Mrs. Smita Talele. M.Sc. Electronics.

Vocational Courses:

  1. Information Technology - Govt. Diploma Course of six month period - There is very good response and our students pass with merit in the district. We have published book in Marathi written by Dr. Makarand Narkhede as "Maze Sope Sanganak" with internet and short keys, receiving very good response and recently we have published seventh edition
  2. Computer awareness Programme - We have started this programme for the benefit of senior citizens who had approached us. We have also published small booklet for their benefit. In vacation we are conducting various computer based courses as
    • Diploma in computer Technology (D.C.O.)
    • Diploma in computer Programming (D.C.P.)
    • Microsoft Office (M.S.Office)
    • Desk top Publishing (D.T.P.)
    • Computer Hardware assembly
Various Self-Employment Courses
  1. Screen printing and D.T.P.
  2. Course in Beauty Culture
  3. Preparation of Candles Phenyl, Detergents (Powder and Liquid), Perfumes
  4. Fiber Glass Molding
  5. Utilization of Solar Energy. To prepare Suryachul water heater, Electrical Energy
  6. Application of paint by different method with theory and practical
The self employment courses are conducted by our sister concern K.Narkhede Computer Technology.

M.N.Narkhede Hon. Shri. Dr. Makarand N. Narkhede
M.Sc., Ph.D.(Polymers), U.D.C.T. (Mumbai)
Diploma (Paints & Printing Inks)
Kishor. Narkhede Hon. Shri. Dr. Kishor N. Narkhede
M.Sc., Ph.D.(Polymers), U.D.C.T. (Mumbai)
Vice President
P.V.Patil Hon. Shri. P. V. Patil
D.M.E, D.E.E
Vikas Pachpande Hon. Shri. Vikas S. Pachpande
Asst. Secretary
Srinivas N.Narkhede Hon. Shri. Srinivas N. Narkhede
M.Sc.(Polymers), B.U.D.C.T., D.A.M.
Dr.Sanjeev N.Narkhede Hon. Shri. Dr. Sanjeev N. Narkhede
M.Sc., Ph.D.(Polymers), U.D.C.T. (Mumbai)
Pramod P. Nemade Hon. Shri. Pramod P. Nemade
D.C.E. Civil Enginiering & Gov.Contractor