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Keeping in space with the advancement and to enable our students to make their carrier in future life as I.T. professionals, we have started the I.T. faculty in K.N.V as in early 1994, being the 1st in the district. We expanded the activity to our various branches of the school in the town having up to date labs, with sufficient number of computer at every school including primary section. We take care that our students get quality education. The internet has made dynamic changes with search sites and advantage is being taken to introduce internet based technology in educational field. In K.N.V we have well equipped main lab. with the latest Pentium 4 computers with all facility of internet, voice mail, printer like dot matrix, inkjet, laser, also facility for scanner, copier and fax. Considering the importance we have introduced the subject of computer from primary 1st standard and the subject is being taught according to the syllabus and additional stress is being given as per current improvement in the field of I.T. The computer, Electronic and tally subjects are being taught as approved by the HSC Board for 11th and 12th std. for science, arts and commerce . There is frequent load shading hence we face problem but the problem has been solved having suitable generator, stabilizers and also on line U.P.S. We also subscribe to important magazines published related to computer. We have conference room where we demonstrate different educational C.D. with L.C.D. projector. Weare equipped with projectors. We also conduct classes for Vedic Maths. ( The magic arts)

We have well equipped labs. for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Electronics and are upgraded from time to time to keep space with the modern development in the respective fields as per Board instructions and also suggestions received.

Our aim is to train the students not just academically but try to groom them to be all-rounder and make them to realize the importance of life style education. For those who may not be able to continue their education or proceed for further education, we have arranged self employment courses so that they will be able to start their life as entrepreneurs. They are also guided how to procure finance from Govt. Banks as Tiny or SSI units.