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K.Narkhede College of Science

K.Narkhede College of Science

K. Narkhede College Of Science is affiliated to North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon. We have B.Sc., M.Sc. Computer, General science and Bio Chemistry divisions. Previously we had Dr. Borole.,Dr. Talele as Principals and from last June 2009, Mr. A.S. Wani has taken charge as Principal.W e have started M.Sc computer 1st year and 2nd year in his regime We have experienced staff for all subjects. Our students participate in various activities like sports, drama, eloquence, music and get awards. We participate in sports at university level. Mr.A.R.Chaudhari. was very helpful to carry out day to day work earlier.

Faculty Members
Principal - Mr. Anil Shantaram Wani (H.O.D. Mathematics ) is M.Sc. ( Maths) with Distinction. He has worked as lecturer for 27 years and as Principal for 9 years. He is Senate member of North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon and Member of Board of Studies in Mathematics. He has worked on various committees as N.S.L advisory, examination Committee, library Committee and selection Committee for Principals and lecturers. He has published four books in Mathematics. He is founder member of Investor club and Dnyanprabhodini, Bhusaval.

Vice Principal. - Mr. Abhay Gopal Shrivas (H.O.D. Electronics) is M.Sc. M.Phil. in Electronics. He has four years experience in Bhusaval Arts, Science and P.O.Nahata Commerce College and D.D.N.Bhole College. He is working with us from last six years. He has presented paper on Conductive Polymers at Nano Technology International Seminar.

Mrs.S.S.Bonde - M.Sc.(Set) - H.O.D of Computer

Lecturers in Computer Division are M.Sc. in Computer Science as per University requirement
  1. Mrs. J. C. Patil
  2. Miss. P. B. Chaudhari
  3. Miss. S. C. Mene
  4. Miss. S. V. Chaudhari
  5. Mr. J. G. Waykole
  6. Smt M.N.Patil.( Maths)
Library Information
Our library is enriched with sufficient books suitable for the courses. We subscribe three magazines and have good stock of books for under graduates and for post graduates students. There is independent reference section. A spacious reading room has been provided. Suitable library hours and lenient but disciplinary rules are framed to conduct the working efficiently.

Rules & Regulations are framed and applicable as per North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon.

Computer Lab
Is very well equipped containing network, up to date Wi-Fi, and broadband connections. Number of printer including ink jet, laser and dot matrices are installed. There are two separate labs. One for U.G. and other for P.G. with all necessary facilities as per University requirements with latest type of computer configuration.

Physics and Chemistry Labs - These labs are very well equipped as per requirements.

Electronics Department
The department is equipped with the latest equipments fulfilling the requirement for the course with latest high frequency CROS, analog and digital equipments. Practical kits are built by students enabling them to understand the subject better.

Students can offer four subjects as per the syllabus. In addition he/she shall offer Environment Studies as a compulsory subject. We provide physics, maths., electronics and computer Science, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Bio-chemistry.

Student can offer three subjects out of the four subjects offered by him/her in the First Year. In addition he/she has to appear fo English as compulsory subject.

Students can offer one subject out of three subject offered in the Second year as Principle Subject.